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Should You Have an Intimate or Micro Wedding?

Tips for planning an intimate or micro wedding

Is an Intimate or Micro Wedding Right For You?

Im seeing more and more intimate weddings, not just to save money, but because engaged couples are making their weddings all about ‘them’, not some big party to impress people they really don’t know.

My sister had a destination wedding at the Elms Mansion in New Orleans, and yes, some family and friends were a little upset that they didn’t get an invite, but my sister wanted to keep it to immediate family and only their best friends. There were a total of 13 of us. Parents, siblings, siblings partners, and best friends. That was it. It was so enjoyable and we all got to spend so much time together!

And guess what? 4 years later, Jay and I also had an intimate wedding in Charleston and we only had 5 people present.

Here are my thoughts behind why I think a small intimate wedding is a great idea!

1. When you have a smaller wedding you get to celebrate with the most important people in your lives. No work friends to impress (ok, this one is really towards the parents!), no feeling bad about how you didnt get to say hello to so and so, no guilty invites where you hope that person doesnt actually show up (oooh I know someone popped into your head)

2. Its a more relaxed environment. Smaller weddings tend to just have that vibe from the get go. You become less stressed and tend to not worry about the little things because the wedding isn’t a show, its just about you and your families & close friends.

Family formals and wedding party (if you even have one!) portraits wont take nearly as long to complete either which makes everyone involved happy and relaxed. There’s just less rushing around when there are 50 or less people you have to deal with.

3. It saves you money, allowing you to splurge on the things you want. By cutting your guest list to only those few important people, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of extra cash to splurge on the things you want like your photographer (what? Im biased!), or maybe even go on that dream honeymoon to Greece, or, dare I suggest it, towards the downpayment on your first home together (ok fine, put the money towards this one!).

4. You’ll be able to spend ample time with each guest and really enjoy talking to them instead of having to cut the conversation short to move on to the other 200 people.

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