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3 reasons to have your wedding at one location

reasons to have your wedding at one location

3 Reasons To Have Your Wedding At One Location

There are so many decisions to make when it comes to your wedding! Spring or Fall? Peonies or ranunculus? Ties or bow ties?  One wedding location or multiple ones?

We’ll be talking about the former today (-;

We’ve photographed tons of weddings at one location and tons at multiple locations and each has their pros and their cons! Today Im going to focus on the 3 reasons to have your wedding at one location…and what the challenges can be that come with that as well.

1. Cuts down on travel time

Something that SO MANY couples don’t take into consideration on their wedding day is the time it takes to travel from one location to the next. And on a SATURDAY? In CHARLESTON? Girl, you better be buffering for weekend traffic!

By having your wedding take place at just ONE location you cut out at LEAST an hour worth of travel time (and yes, this travel time eats up your photography coverage!). So many venues have a space for at least one of you to get ready at (but make sure it follows these rules for how to have awesome getting ready photos), a space for the ceremony, and a space for the reception!

2. Easier for guests

When you have your wedding at one location, it makes it easier for your guests, especially if they are from out of town! One location means one parking spot to find. As my pops says “one n’ done”.

But honestly, its also more relaxing for the couple and their families. Nothing gets left behind at a different venue and everyone has only one place to be.

3. Cohesive look in photos

When you have one location for your entire wedding, 9/10 times the portraits are taken at that site as well! This means that everything will have a more cohesive look.

For instance, if you are getting married at Middleton Place, all the colors will be very consistent because the whole place is an outdoor garden! There will be spanish moss and azaleas in your ceremony photos, family photos, wedding party photos, first look photos…it will all blend it so pretty in the album!

Downsides to one location

Theres always a con to something, right?

  • The biggest con I’ve noticed while photographing at one location is, depending on the size, theres a high chance that we wont be able to shake off guests who want to gawk at you during your romantic portraits. We’re always very polite and direct these lurkers back to dinner but sometimes aunt Susie is super determined to take her own photos of you two while we’re trying to get those natural candid looking photos you fell in love with on our website!

    This does NOT always happen though. Middleton (which are these example photos) is a great example of this. It’s SO HUGE and we take a golf cart around.

  • Another con can be not all of these places have the greatest rooms for you to get ready at on site.Take Magnolia and the William Aiken house again. Magnolia has two very cramped and dark getting ready spaces, so if you dont want your stuff taken outside or you’re against getting zipped into your dress outdoors, you’re going to have darker & cramped photos…but with the William Aiken house, the entire HOUSE you could get ready in (-; and its FILLED with light and gorgeous furniture for portraits! Trade offs, right?

Are you planning a wedding in one location?


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