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3 reasons to have your wedding at multiple locations

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3 Reasons To Have Your Wedding At Multiple Locations

Last time we chatted about why you might want to have your wedding all take place at just one location. Today though, we’ll go over 3 reasons to have your wedding at multiple locations and why having multiple locations would work best for your wedding day!

1. Sentimental Locations

There are plenty of couples who have always dreamed of getting married at a certain church or garden. Perhaps its where your parents got married 30 years ago, or its the small city park where you guys got engaged. I think its so sweet when a ceremony location is special to the couple and its a great reason to split up the wedding venues! A great example of this is Summerall Chapel – a lot of Citadel graduates want to get married at this church but dont necessarily want to have the reception on campus.

2. Quiet Time Away From Guests

When you have your wedding at one location you run the risk of not being able to shake off your guests during portrait time. Trust me when I say it can be awkward to have an audience of people watching your family photos and formal couples photos be taken. Some venues like Flagstaff wedding venues are large enough to get away from the guests, but there are others where its almost impossible to get some privacy for these photos.

When you have your ceremony and reception in two different places, the couple usually picks a THIRD location specifically for photos – no chance at all of running into stray guests who want to watch! (However, I cant promise that complete strangers wont turn their heads to catch a glimpse)

3. Variety in Photos

If one location provides consistency in your photos, then multiple locations provides a fun variety! You can go from historic church, to cobblestone streets, to colorful downtown buildings, to quaint restaurant reception to get all of Charleston’s charm in a matter of hours!

So what are you planning – one location or multiple? I hope you enjoyed this short series and that it helped at least one couple make an easy decision!

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