A Colorful Charleston Spring Wedding at Wingate Place

Courtney & Michael’s Colorful Spring Wedding at Wingate Place

Something I’ve noticed is that those of us in the wedding industry really know how to make our weddings stand out and be unique to us!

When I first met Courtney & Michael at a coffee shop in downtown Charleston to chat about their wedding at Wingate Place I felt not only an immediate connection with them (literally they are just BALLS OF SUNSHINE) and loving that they wanted to utilize a lot of color but just hearing them talk about what was important to them & having their wedding vendor friends helping them and being guests was so great!

Courtney even texted me a screenshot from Michael after that meeting saying that said he really liked me and was excited to work together

(ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

Getting Ready at Wingate Place

Get ready to see the prettiest custom wedding dress! Courtney’s friend Emily Kotarski is a local Charleston wedding dress designer and made this STUNNING blush pink dress! It was perfect for Courtney who loves color, spring & flowers.

Before stepping into her dress, Courtney facetimed her best friend who was supposed to be her maid of honor but ended up getting sick from covid. She still wanted to include her and show her all the things!

One of my favorite details was the blue ring Courtney wore. Her dad gave it to her mom the day she was born and then her mom gave it to her for the wedding!

Wedding Photos at Wingate Place

Needless to say…I think Michael really loved Courtney’s custom wedding dress! He also had some very attentive groomsmen who cleaned the green pollen off his shiny black shoes.

Ceremony with Confetti Exit

Courtney decided to surprise Michael a second time with a white dress for the ceremony & I’d personally been looking forward to their confetti exit for a whole year! When they got to the end of the aisle, Michael noticed Courtney had some confetti stuck in her dress so he picked it out and it sent her into a fit of laughter!

Colorful Spring Wedding Decor

The reception details were heavenly! SO much yellow, orange & pink! One of our favorite florist is Hosanna Floral in Montrose for breathtaking floral designs that bring your special moments to life with beauty and color.

Michaels brother wrote AND performed their first dance song and one of the bridesmaids (Cayleigh from The Petal Report) read the absent maid of honors toast which caused everyone to tear up.

What was the most special moment of the day for you?

M: Right after the ceremony when we were surrounded by family and friends walking up and hugging us. I was so happy, I cussed in front of my niece I couldn’t hold any emotions back hahaha.
C: Speeches! There were so many special moments in the speeches, we almost didn’t have speeches at the wedding and I’m so glad we did! Our first dance song, when Michael’s older brother wrote an original song and sang it for us. Also our last song of the night, screaming Jackson Five with all our friends as they surrounded us dancing. Can I relive that night all over again?

What do you look forward to most about FINALLY being married? (-:

M: Knowing Courtney will be the one there for all of life’s major milestone.
C: Growing old and sharing a lifetime of laughs with Michael.

What was your favorite detail of the day?

M: Our photo booth, and everyone putting a picture from the photo booth for our guest book. I loved reading it and seeing all the amazing photos the day after our wedding. By integrating a photo booth from Picture Blast and their wedding photo services, you add a personalised touch to your wedding day that is both enjoyable and sentimental. Not only does it add an element of fun, but it also immortalises candid moments and expressions of joy and love that may otherwise have been missed.
C: This is hard! Probably my “something blue”. My father gave my mother a ring on the day I was born. It has an aquamarine stone in it because that’s my birthstone,  I watched my mother wear it every day for my whole life, and they gifted it to me for my wedding!

If you did a First Look, talk about it here! What made it special, how were you both feeling before & after it, would you recommend it to a friend, etc

I’d totally recommend it to a friend! I was so anxious that I seriously needed to see my person sooner rather than later! It was so great to see each other and be able to spend more time together on our wedding day. Plus we got so many photos but there were still a few photos to be taken during cocktail hour, it’s such a chaotic day I can’t even imagine trying to fit all the other portraits during that time! Also I had an added bonus of having two wedding dresses, so our first look gave me the opportunity to get great photos in the daylight in both dresses.

What did you splurge on & what did you save on?

We splurged on our band and it was the best idea ever! We loved them and they were amazing and kept everyone dancing. We also splurged on our venue, we knew it would really set the tone, it had EVERYTHING we both wanted and needed, and we are obsessed with all the oaks and spanish moss! We saved in so many ways. We had a casual house party on folly instead of a full rehearsal dinner, skipped videography, didn’t have a top shelf bar, and chose more basic rental items like chairs and linens. We also are SO BLESSED to have friends help us with the day. My friend Marley did my makeup. My uncle married us. My friend Emily designed/handmade my DREAM pink “queen of a springtime meadow” gown!!! I had wedding industry vendors extend so much love and help with helping me meet my budget for lighting, catering, rentals, venue, and probably my biggest money saver was my friends who gifted me their amazing talents for all of my INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL I WANT TO DIE THINKING ABOUT HOW PERFECT THEY WERE floral!!

What made your wedding day special, unique or personalized to you as a couple?

We just wanted everything to feel like sunshine because we feel like that represents our relationship!

Whats the best advice you have for future couples planning their big day?

Pick what you like and then don’t think twice about what a single other person will think! Once you start trying to please everyone it gets very stressful!

What did you love most about working with us?

Katie is THE BEST seriously if you don’t like having your picture taken (a big fear of mine) then go with Katie. She takes the pressure off and makes you feel like everything is going and looking amazing the whole time! She’s super fun and she has the eye to capture candid moments that are already the most treasured images to me! We didn’t have to worry about a thing, and knowing that the photos are all we have from the day – we couldn’t have made a better choice of who to work with.

The Charleston wedding vendors who brought this colorful spring wedding to life:

Planner: The Petal Report / Venue: Wingate Place / Band: Super Deluxe Band / Bar: Brand Bars / Caterer: Duvall / Florals: Duvall / Hair & Makeup: Marley Simmons & Paper Dolls / Photo booth: Little White Box / Rentals: Snyder, Lowcountry Trolley / Custom Pink Wedding Dress: Emily Kotarski Bridal

Katie + Jay of Catherine Ann Photography are Charleston SC Based Wedding & Elopement Photographers specializing in candid & fun wedding photos that feel like you!

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