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Lowndes Grove Weddings



Lowndes Grove was built in 1786 by an exiled Englishman who supported the American Patriots!


There was a house that stood there before the current one and that one was burned down in 1780 by British troops.

lowndes grove weddings


Some things to consider for your wedding at Lowndes grove!


Where should we get ready for our wedding at Lowndes Grove?

Definitely at Lowndes Grove!


There are two dedicated spaces in the house for everyone to get ready with their wedding party and these spaces are filled with beautiful light which makes for amazing getting ready & detail photos!


Where should we have the ceremony & what time do you recommend?

The side lawn by the dock will bring you pretty close to the Ashley River but the light is hit or miss at that location.


Most people do their ceremony in front of the home but with the water in the background, but don't rule out a ceremony directly in front of the house either!


Our recommendation for your ceremony time depends on if you're doing a First Look or not:

You're doing a First Look - start at least 2 hours before Sunset


You're NOT doing a First Look - start at least 3 hours before sunset


What are the Reception options?

We’ve seen receptions take place on the oyster tabby patio as well as al-fresco under cafe lights on the front lawn!


For elopements or intimate weddings you could also use the piazza on the top floor.


We highly recommend adding additional lighting like uplighting and candles because they really make a huge difference once the sunsets.


For how long & where should we plan to take the first look, couples portraits, wedding party & family photos?


You could absolutely do 100% of your photos at Lowndes Grove and use both the indoor and outdoor spaces!


If you want any oak trees though we could pop down the street to Hampton Park.


Plan to take photos for 2 hours before the ceremony regardless of if you're doing a First Look or not.


If you're doing a First Look, we'll take 5 minutes for Just Married portraits after the ceremony before you walk hand in hand into cocktail hour and enjoy the party.


If you don't do a First Look, we'll be taking photos for another hour after the ceremony and you'll miss mingling with guests at cocktail hour.



Weddings at


Ashley & Heather

Jamie & Josh

Kareen & Joey

Hourly Coverage Recommendation for Your Wedding at LOWNDES GROVE

Every wedding is different and so are the hourly coverage needs! If you're unsure how many hours will be the best fit for you, take a peek below at our recommendations

9 Hours

Typically covers getting ready photos to the important reception formalities (toasts, cake cutting) & 30-60 minutes of dance floor action.

If you think your crowd isn’t really going to be the dancing type, or you just don’t really care too much about dance photos, 9 hours will work the best for you!

This is the best starting coverage option if your entire wedding is taking place at Lowndes Grove

10 Hours

Typically covers getting ready photos to the important reception formalities (toasts, cake cutting) & 1-1.5 hours of dance floor action.

If you’re not planning an exit at the end of the night (or you are but you dont care if its photographed) & you love dancing photos, you’ll definitely want your photographer for 10 hours to make sure there’s lots of fun dancing pics before everyone starts getting too drunk.


This is the best starting coverage if your wedding ceremony is at a different location this isn't Lowndes Grove

11+ Hours

Typically covers getting ready photos to the important reception formalities (toasts, cake cutting) & all of the dancing + your exit at the end of the night.


This is the best option if you want your photos to tell your wedding day story from start to finish, especially if you’re planning a fun exit at the end of the night like sparklers or confetti!


This is also perfect for those of you looking for blackmail photos of your friends doing crazy shit on the dance floor!

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