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A Wedding at Wavering Place Where The Bride Wore Neon Boots

You Won’t Believe the Stunning Fashion and Florals at this Wavering Place Wedding!

I’m so excited to share Priscilla & Hugh’s Wavering Place wedding! Their magical day was filled with incredible florals, fabulous fashion, and a few unexpected twists that added some spice to the celebration (-;

From the moment we laid eyes on Priscilla & Hugh’s wedding, we knew it was going to be one for the books, but wait until you hear about Priscilla’s fashion choices—the clear neon light boots she rocked on the dance floor were an absolute showstopper! (But for real, Priscilla, where can I get those boots at?)

Adding a Sentimental Touch: Priscilla’s Childhood Home and Furry Friends at Wavering Place Wedding

Before the ceremony, Priscilla and her bridesmaids, wearing silk pjs, got ready at her childhood home, which added a special touch to the day because so many of Priscilla’s favorite memories take place in this home. There were also a lot of cute dogs running around!

The wedding invitations are also worth mentioning becuase Priscilla’s sister designed them, which set the tone for the whole event.

An Unexpected Twist: A Traffic Jam and a Change of Plans

Something crazy happened though on our way to the venue. Jay was driving his brand new 4 day old car when we had a SUPER close call with a semi truck! The car in front of us was towing something and it was not hooked up properly, which caused it to swerve into an on coming semi truck going the opposite direction. The semi slammed into it (luckily it wasnt the car) but that caused the semi to swerve into our lane, directly in front of us! Luckily, Jay managed to avoid the collision and I managed to not have a heart attack, but it caused a traffic jam and changed a lot of the timeline plans we had.

This resulted in a delay for the First Look, leaving poor Hugh caught up in all the chaos and traffic! But we adapted quickly and decided to take photos of Priscilla and her bridesmaids earlier than planned while we waited. It was a great way to make the best of a crazy situation and the bridesmaids were superstars, rushing to get dressed way earlier than they were supposed to! Teamwork makes the dream work.

Capturing Intimate Moments: The Heartfelt First Look and Cozy Getaway at Priscilla & Hugh’s Wavering Place Wedding

Talking to Priscilla and Hugh after their wedding, they shared some wonderful moments that stuck out to them. The most special ones were the intimate moments they had together, like their first look, private dinner, and the cozy drive home in their getaway car! These moments allowed them to truly enjoy the joy of the day.

Splurging on What Matters: The Tent, Band, and Stunning Florals at Priscilla & Hugh’s Wavering Place Wedding

Priscilla and Hugh didn’t hold back when it came to splurging on what mattered to them most—the tent, the band, and the beautiful flowers. They decided to skip welcome boxes to save money since guests often don’t pay much attention to them anyway.

Their wedding day truly reflected their unique personalities like napkins featuring their dog, making the celebration feel truly special and unforgettable!

And Hugh, being the selective sweet tooth that he is, insisted on only one thing—the cheesecake from Ally and Eloise. So, instead of a traditional cake, they cut into a scrumptious cheesecake, a little detail that truly showcased their personalities and made the celebration feel oh-so-them!

If there’s one piece of advice Priscilla & Hugh would give to other couples planning their wedding, it would be this: conserve your energy and delegate tasks in the weeks leading up to the big day. The chaos can be overwhelming, but when the wedding day arrives, your only job is to be present and soak in every precious moment. It’s a whirlwind, but take those opportunities to steal quiet moments together.

Working with Priscilla & Hugh was an absolute delight! They appreciated how comfortable we made them feel throughout the entire process. They said that our clear directions allowed them to relax and trust our expertise, resulting in natural and intimate shots that truly captured their love. It never felt like a photoshoot; it felt like a stroll with two people head over heels for each other.

We want to give a special shout-out to the talented vendors who brought this wedding to life. Meagan Warren Events orchestrated the day flawlessly, Wavering Place provided the perfect backdrop, and I Love This Band kept the dance floor alive. The delectable desserts from Ally & Eloise satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth, and Southern Way Catering ensured everyone left with happy taste buds. Fern Studio‘s incredible florals added a touch of magic, and Pout & Process worked their hair and makeup magic. Crisp Rentals provided the elegant rentals, while Nikki Morgan Videography captured every unforgettable moment on film.

If Priscilla and Hugh’s wedding has inspired you, we’re ready to bring the same magic to your special day, no matter where you’re celebrating. 
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