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Where To Buy Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

non-traditional wedding dresses

Non Traditional Wedding Dress Online Shops

Hi, my name is Katie & I got married in a pink and purple formal dress that cost me $900 😎

Let’s be real.

The wedding industry heavily caters to women, and especially to women who want to look & feel like a traditional bride. I felt a little excluded because that just wasn’t (and still isn’t) who I am. I don’t like wearing white or cream or off white or champagne. I don’t want to dress or look like everyone else. And thats in my daily life so I certainly wasn’t going to change my attitude just because I was a bride!

I wanted to share some of my favorite online shops that have, what I would consider, non-traditional and off beat wedding gowns & non wedding gowns for brides and anyone else who wants to wear a dress to their wedding!

What do I consider off beat & non-traditional?

This post is NOT for anyone who wants a traditional wedding dress shopping experience or wants to dress like a traditional bride. There is nothing wrong with either thing, but I wanted to give people another option because I know that if I myself didn’t want that experience, then there is definitely someone else planning their wedding who doesn’t.

Some of these link are for actual wedding gown designers who I think embodies the “off beat” vibe and some are links to formal & evening dress stores because honestly…formal dresses are fuckin’ baller and I wore one as a wedding dress.

I would actually argue that evening & formal gowns have MORE off beat options, so places like Neiman Marcus are a gold mine.

Some dresses are colorful and some are white but hella bougie. I dont think that just because its a white dress doesn’t mean it isn’t non-traditional.

Some links are to off beat accessories like rainbow veils and veils decked out with pearls.

The Best Places to Buy Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

Teuta Matsoshi

Crown & Glory
Capes + Veils


literally any season, find a used one from a former season

Monique Lhuillier


most season’s they have a good mix of non-traditional looking dresses, this is actually where I got mine!

Paolo Sebastian

I’m being so fucking for real, but to anyone who buys the star gown in the center middle row,
I will photograph your wedding for 30% off

Elie Saab

Neiman Marcus

evening gown section specifically


Di Carlo Couture

Ava Gowns

Jimmy Choo – the Atelier

Gemy Maalouf

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