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Best husband and wife wedding photographers in Charleston SC | Catherine Ann Photography


Our mission as your wedding photographers is simple: to capture the real, heartwarming moments and the gorgeous details that make your wedding one-of-a-kind. We want your photos to tell a story, one that's all about the emotions and the unique personalities of you and your guests.


Let's be real, the best photos are the ones that make you feel something. And how you felt in the moment that a photo was taken is how you'll feel again when you look at it later.

Our style is a little bit of everything. We'll guide you into relaxed poses that let your individuality shine, and then we'll also get those candid shots that truly capture the raw essence of your wedding day! And we'll make sure the colors in your photos pop just like real life.


Most importantly, we're all about you having fun on your wedding day with your favorite people. It's your time to enjoy, live in the moments, and create unforgettable memories.


So, stick around to get to know us better, understand our approach to weddings, and discover why we've been doing this for 14 years!

Ireland, 2016

to no one's surprise, we had a very colorful elopement!

Paris France wedding photographer standing in the hall of mirrors at Versailles

a.k.a. Catherine Ann


Color Lover. Former Disney Cast Member. Gemini.


• Walk, walk, fashion, baby, cute & colorful clothes are my go-to and I wear them on wedding days so I blend in seamlessly with your wedding guests, luring them into a sense of familiarity (like a Siren) that makes them more comfortable when I ask for a picture, and since I blend in, they don't notice when I'm taking a candid!


• I was born & raised on Long Island but have lived in the South since I was a teenager


• One could say I'm a little too interested in the paranormal - Halloween is my favorite holiday & I grew up in 2 haunted houses in NY and the house we live in now is definitely haunted


• Jay asked me to marry him at Disney World in front of Rapunzel's tower -she's my favorite AND inspired my wedding attire!


• I'm the nerdy one in this relationship. I love pop culture, Disney & anime! I have a big Sailor Moon tattoo on my arm and my office desk is covered in anime and Disney merch


• I'm currently studying Japanese for our future trip & it's super hard, but it's been fun!


• Schitts Creek, Letterkenny, Ted Lasso & Bobs Burgers are Elite Television


• I'm in the process of getting dual citizenship in Ireland - my grandmother was born in County Donegal and even though she came to America in her early 20s, she had a thick Irish accent her entire life. We'd love to move there and work with Americans hosting their destination European wedding!




Dad Joke Expert. Hockey Fan. Dog Whisperer.

• I leave the colorful outfits to Katie on the wedding day & hang up my signature floral hat in favor of darker clothes so that I blend in like a ninja at your wedding. It's how I get the best candids!


• I've been playing Disc Golf for over 15 years and I've designed several Disc Golf courses in the Charleston area.


• For 10 years I was the lead singer of a punk rock band (Neglected Superhero) and played at Warped Tour two years in a row. Katie & I figured out that she was there the same day my band played one year long before we knew each other


• I volunteered at a Big Cat Rescue in Tampa FL (no, not the one Carole Baskin owns) and worked with lions, tigers, and lie. Ask me about how a hungry bear chased me


• Favorite Disney ride: It's a Small World (Disneyland version)




a.k.a. John


Aussie Entourage

Falkor, Zelda & Blue

Don't mind us, we're just a bit obsessed with our 3 mini Aussies!


Falkor was named after the Luck Dragon from Neverending Story


Zelda was named after Zelda Fitzgerald (but so was Princess Zelda so if you ask us if that's who she's named after, we always say "Yeah kinda")


Blue was named after the Raptor from Jurassic World



We've created a distinctive shooting and editing style as wedding photographers. Your wedding images will be a mix of curated candids, loosely posed portraits, and all your intentional details preserved with true to life colors that pack a little bit of a punch.


You live in the moments, trust us to immortalize them.

Fluffy pink, yellow, and orange flowers in a white vase on a cocktail table at a wedding reception in Charleston SC
A stylish groom sharing a fun moment with his groomsmen at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

The benefits of having us as your

wedding photography team

With over 14 years of experience under my belt and 11 years for Jay, we've collectively documented more than 600 weddings, which makes our experience pretty much unbeatable!


What sets us apart is our unconventional approach. We're not just photographers; we're your partners in creating a wedding day filled with meaningful, candid moments. We work closely with you and your wedding planner to craft a photography timeline that prioritizes the parts of your day that matter most to you. Our goal is to keep it relaxed and unhurried, allowing those genuine, magical moments to unfold naturally!


We get it – having your photo taken may not be your favorite thing. I've even cried during a photo session from the anxiety. To prevent that from happening to you, we've crafted a system that makes it easy and enjoyable! It all starts with getting to know you and your relationship before the engagement session. By the time it comes around, it feels like hanging out with friends who casually capture amazing images of you. This relaxed vibe continues into your wedding day and many of our couples have told us that our arrival was a sigh of relief for them because they knew we had everything under control!


You're the guests of honor at your wedding, and we're your biggest cheerleaders. We want to make sure you're having a blast, mingling with your loved ones, taking a breather, and simply being yourselves. It's your day, and we're here to make it unforgettable and, of course, a ton of fun!

Candid moment of the groom grabbing the brides veil as it blows in the wind

we're all about






dance floor shenanigans


having a damn good time


you, at cocktail hour

you like our style and vibe

Does this sound like you?

Our best work happens when our couples trust us implicitly,
choose to be present at their wedding and let go of perfection.


Your wedding day is going to be a reflection of your unique style and personal love story. You're not one to sweat the small stuff, like a dirty dress or suit, or a few unexpected hiccups, because you embrace the beauty of imperfections and tossing those old, tired wedding traditions out the window! You're all about doing things your way, listening to your heart, to have a celebration thats as distinctive as you are!


You're the kind of couple who truly values spending quality time with your guests. On the wedding day, you won't be off hiding in different corners; you know that doing a "First Look" will ensure you spend as much time together as well as with your guests, creating memories instead of being stressed out about someone seeing you too early.


Whether you're envisioning a grand, larger-than-life celebration or opting for a smaller, more intimate gathering, it's all about adding your personal touch and charm into every part of your special day! Your dream wedding design is all about style and a burst of vibrant colors. It's like a visual explosion of joy, creating a stunning and cheerful atmosphere that's the perfect backdrop for a day filled with unforgettable, fun, and heartwarming moments.


You're focused on personalization. Those little touches and personalized elements aren't just for show; they're a reflection of your deep desire to make everyone feel welcome and connected! It's your way of saying, "This day is as much about you as it is about us," and that inclusivity is what sets your wedding apart.

A very fashionable bride wiping a tear away with her bridesmaids crying too at her Charleston wedding
Stunning colorful peonies at a garden wedding in Newport RI

Boring photos that lack personality and feeling isn't your style. You want your wedding day captured in a candid and natural way, letting the unscripted moments shine so that your images really capture the emotions and moments that'll make your wedding day unforgettable. You're all about keeping it real, not taking awkward and forced poses and your guests won't feel like they're being constantly directed for photos – instead, they'll be at ease, and everything will feel relaxed and genuine!


You value the importance of fashion, not just for yourself but for your wedding party and guests as well. Your wedding day is a reflection of your unique style and attention to detail, and that extends to the attire and overall look of everyone involved. You want your wedding party and guests to feel confident, stylish, and comfortable, creating a fashionable and visually appealing atmosphere that complements your vibrant and joyful celebration.


However, what really sets you apart is your unwavering focus on the guest experience. You're on a mission to make sure your favorite people have an absolute blast and create unforgettable memories at your wedding. It's about sharing heartfelt moments, dancing the night away, and having the time of your lives together (and maybe The Time of My Life is the final song you play!)


think we'd have fun together?

let's get this party started!

we love to travel too!

Destination Engagements + Weddings

We love where we live, which is actually a huge destination for weddings and engagements!
But we also love traveling and being inspired by the architecture, landscape and culture of a new place!

Some of our favorite places we've been to:






nyc, boston, newport, maine


los angeles, maui, palm springs, austin


connecticut, pennsylvania, long island


st augustine, key west, tampa, savannah


highlands, ashville, virginia

versailles paris wedding photographer

Chateau Versailles, Paris, France

Next destination:


We're so excited to be photographing a stunning wedding in a Scottish castle in March 2024 - there's going to be a falcon delivering their wedding rings during the ceremony.


"We wanted Katie & Jay for our destination wedding in Key West because we fell in love with their style & they seemed like they would be a lot of fun to hang out with on our wedding day! They perfectly captured the feel & emotions of our wedding and we couldn't be happier. If you're loving their aesthetic & thinking about it, just book them. As soon as you can.


They're magic."

- Allie & Damir

Catherine Ann Photography is an inclusive wedding photographer based in Charleston SC, serving couples of all races, sexualities, genders, and physical/mental abilities.

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