About Katie & Jay

We promise to

candidly tell the story of your marriage so when you look back on your photos you'll think "wow, these feel like us!"

For the past 13 years we’ve been providing our couples with engagement, elopement and wedding photography that looks how their day felt with editorial style detail photos, portraits that were fun to take and stand the test of time, and candid moments that truly encapsulate what it felt like to be there.

We wanted Katie & Jay for our
destination wedding in Key West
because we fell in love with their
style & they seemed like they would
be a lot of fun to hang out with on
our wedding day!

They perfectly captured the feel &
emotions of our wedding and we
couldn't be happier.

If you're loving their aesthetic &
thinking about it, just book them.
As soon as you can. They're magic.

-Allie & Demir


We're Katie & Jay

Husband & wife wedding & elopement photographers based in Charleston SC.


We focus on candid moments & loosley posed portraits that are fun to take!


Our couples are stylish, laid back, party people who value candid photos and want to spend as much time as possible with their guests - so they know doing a First Look & all of the formal photos before the ceremony is a must!


From vibrant garden parties at historic estates to sailcloth tent backyard soirees to modern elopements in Palm Springs where we cruise around in a vintage Cadillac, we want to tell your marriage story!


We believe in equality for all humans
regardless of race, gender identity, sexual
orientation or physical/mental abilities
Equality & Inclusion

Our Work has been featured on

Style Me Pretty • Martha Stewart Weddings • Carats & Cake • Junebug Weddings • Charleston Weddings Magazine

Meet Katie

Color Lover. Former Disney Cast Member. Sarcastic Gemini.


• I love fashion! Cute & colorful clothes are my go to and I wear them on wedding days


• I was born & raised on Long Island but have lived in the South since I was a teenager


• Jay asked me to marry him at Disney World in front of Rapunzel's tower -she's my favorite AND inspired my wedding attire!

• Favorite Disney Ride: The Haunted Mansion


• If I wasn't a photographer I would want to teach obscure & weird history. Want a fun read? Check out anything about The Radium Girls! It's an interesting AND horrifying thing that really happened


• I love confetti, unicorns, Magical Girls, stars, anime, rainbow sprinkles and colorful flowers


• Current Favorite Manga: My Hero Academia
Favorite Anime of ALL TIME: Fullmetal Alchemist (both versions)


• Im currently studying Japanese! Its super hard, but its been fun!


• Schitts Creek, Letterkenny, Ted Lasso & Bobs Burgers are Elite Television





Meet Jay

Dad Joke Expert. Hockey Fan. Dog Whisperer.

• I leave the colorful outfits to Katie on the wedding day & hang up my signature floral hat in favor of darker clothes so that I blend in like a ninja at your wedding. It's how I get the best candids!


• I've been playing Disc Golf for over 15 years and I've designed several Disc Golf courses in the Charleston area.


• For 10 years I was the lead singer of a punk rock band (Neglected Superhero) and played at Warped Tour two years in a row. Katie & I found out she was there the same day my band played one year


• I volunteered at a Big Cat Rescue in Tampa FL (no, not the one Carole Baskin owns) and worked with lions, tigers and bears...no lie. Ask me about how a hungry bear chased me


• Favorite Disney ride: It's a Small World (Disneyland version)




Bonus: the aussie entourage

Falkor, Zelda & Blue

Don't mind us, we're just a bit obsessed with our 3 mini Aussies!


Falkor was named after the Luck Dragon from Neverending Story


Zelda was named after Zelda Fitzgerald (but so was Princess Zelda so if you ask us if thats who she's named after, we always say "yeah kinda")


Blue was named after the Raptor from Jurassic World

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